Hi it’s me, Sophia, and I’m an artist. Here’s the short list of things I do:

  • I paint in Watercolor

  • I paint in Gouache

  • I paint in Oil

  • I paint in Acrylic

  • I paint in… Digital?

  • I yell alot in the car

  • I Social Media Manage

  • I say yes to every art project, say no to most social events because theres a TV in my room. So.

  • I plan EVERYTHING in life starting with a color pallet

  • I drink wine

  • I wonder if moving to a weird large house in the middle of nowhere all alone for the sole reason of owning 15+ cats and painting naked for 4-7 years is a bit extreme or not.

  • Branding (logos, color story, aesthetic)

  • Redecorate local coffee shops



Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 4.36.23 PM.png

Feel free to say hello on my contact page!

I currently live in Capo Beach.  My studio and I lurk in the renovated attic portion of the house.  

Other than illustrating, I really love being outdoors.  My happy places are between trees or at the oceans edge. I’m a mediocre cook but I love the challenge. I also love to watch the same TV shows over and over again.  I'm probably wearing mom-jeans at this very moment. Or a coat much too large for the current weather.

I spend most of my days drawing and painting, and hopefully, constantly creating something new.